Poles Apart

Life at the Ends of the Earth

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Black Dog Books

Age 8+

General Science, Nature, The Natural World Science & Technology: General Interest Educational: Sciences

A fascinating visual comparison of the unique environments of the North and South Poles, and the survival strategies of the creatures that live there.
Polar Bears and penguins will never meet in the wild. Find out about their icy homes at opposite ends of the Earth, so similar and yet so different. Poles Apart: Life at the ends of the Earth gives us contrasting images of landscapes and animal life at the opposite poles of the earth. We learn that Polar Bears and penguins never meet, that below the north pole is an ocean while below the south pole there is rock, and many more fascinating facts.


Dr Mark Norman is a marine biologist and a world expert on octopuses, squids and cuttlefishes (the ‘cephalopods’). He is Senior Curator of Molluscs at Museum Victoria where he undertakes marine biology research. He is also a trained teacher, an educational display designer and an experienced underwater cinematographer. He has published extensively and his publications include “A guide to squid, cuttlefish and octopuses of Australasia” and “Cephalopods: a world guide”. His research and projects with documentary makers including BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel has covered giant squid, poisonous blue-ringed octopuses, huge aggregations of southern giant cuttlefish and diving surveys of remote Indo-Pacific coral reefs.


This is a worthy book, which is informative and fun to read. There is a glossary and index in the back. The many photographic illustrations are clear and appropriate. Good for any young child with a scientific bent.

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