The Long Patrol

Australia and East Timor's Wars

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Black Dog Books

The Drum Series

Age 12+

Armed Forces People & Places, Battles, History & The Past: General Interest Warfare

This book about East Timor is part of the award-winning non-fiction series for teens, The Drum.

East Timor was ruled by foreign powers for almost 500 years. The Long Patrol traces East Timor’s torturous and tragic path to Independence in 2002. Specifically, The Long Patrol examines Australia’s relationship with East Timor and the role it has played over three periods in the country’s history – World War II, the 24-year Indonesian occupation, Independence and its aftermath.


Richard Plunkett has had a varied working life. A former journalist, he interviewed rock stars. An inveterate traveller, he has also written several travel guides for Lonely Planet. Now in the guise of historian he has written The Long Patrol. He is Australian and lives in Melbourne.


The Long Patrol is an insightful exploration of East Timor’s history and, especially, of the role played by Australia and Australians since 1942. It explores why and when Australia has been involved and the impact of that involvement – or of its lack. Part of the successful The Drum series from Black Dog books, there is much use made of eyewitness accounts to personalise the events and bring them to life for teen readers.

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