Fly a Rebel Flag: The Eureka Stockade

The Eureka Stockade

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Black Dog Books

The Drum Series

Age 12+

Armed Forces People & Places, Battles, History & The Past: General Interest Warfare

Part of the award-winning non-fiction series for teens, The Drum

3 December, 1854. When government troops stormed the Eureka stockade, the battle lasted just twenty minutes, but it changed Australia forever.


Robyn used to think history was boring until, working on an archaeological dig in Melbourne, she discovered history under her fingernails. She dug up a husband there, too. Now they live with their 12-year-old daughter in a country town with too many cafes. Robyn thinks housework is a dirty word; her hobby is collecting dust. Robyn is author of three books for adults: 'Bearbrass: Imagining Early Melbourne', 'Nothing But Gold: The diggers of 1852', and 'The Man Who Lost Himself: The unbelievable story of the Tichborne Claimant'. Bearbrass won a Victorian Premier s Literary Award in 1995.


A wonderfully strong narrative.

The Age

Real passion and authenticity.


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