Louis Pasteur and the Power of Observation

Illustrator: Jordi Bayarri

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Graphic Universe - Lerner Publishing Group

Book 8 of Graphic Science Biographies Series

Age 10+

Science & Technology: General Interest Comic Strip Fiction / Graphic Novels

Explore famous scientists' breakthrough ideas and their personal stories through a graphic novel approach.

Louis Pasteur's passion for laboratory experiments led to major, life-saving changes in medicine. His research targeted unusual problems from the spoiling of wine to disease in French silkworms. His wide-ranging efforts found evidence for the existence of germs and created advances in vaccination science. This graphic biography showcases Pasteur's looks at microorganisms and his game-changing conclusions. It also explains the use of weakened viruses to boost the body’s immune system.


Jordi Bayarri is a freelance comic-book artist based in Valencia, Spain.

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