"This is a book that begs us to change the world." Joseph Coelho, The Guardian
Speaking from the future, a girl wears a crown made from the rubbish passed down to her by previous generations. Her Earth is covered by waste, but beneath the landfill she discovers a book of pictures that show her the past – our world as it is now – and she is filled with joy by the beautiful sky, land, sea and creatures that she sees. Alongside her companion horse, she experiences the beauty of our Earth and imagines a world where her crown is no longer made from rubbish, but from an abundance of life.

This is a lyrical, stunningly illustrated debut that expresses our need to act now to save the environment, while weaving a positive message about protecting the world we live in.


Emily Kapff studied illustration at University Falmouth College of Art. Along with illustration she practises writing poetry as well as sculpting and painting. From a farming background in Cornwall, animals, trees and the general natural world are the route of her inspiration. Living in Devon with her family, she still enjoys the company of a fine array of animals including dogs, goats, chickens, pigs, horses and bees! The Crown is her debut picture book. She can be found on Instagram as @emilykapff.


Klaus Flugge Prize
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