Get Ahead in ... PHYSICS

GCSE Revision without the boring bits, from Newton's Laws to levitating frogs

Illustrator: James Davies

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Walker Books

Age 12+

Science & Technology: General Interest Educational: Physics

Get Ahead in Physics covers the essentials for GCSE science in a book you can start and finish – without falling asleep in the middle!

Each chapter is tied to a key topic for studying Physics; learn about:

– The Particle Theory of Matter
– Energy
– Radiation
– Electricity
– Newton's Laws
– Waves
– Electromagnetism
– and Cosmology

Along the way, hear fascinating TRUE stories of the Philosopher’s Stone, radioactive energy drinks and a couple of levitating frogs… Each chapter ends with an “at a glance” bullet-point summary of the topic and a bonus section exploring fascinating extra-curricular science (everything from Schrödinger’s cat to quantum mechanics!).

With words by The Times Science Editor Tom Whipple and brilliant pictures by James Davies, this book is designed to be used alongside your GCSE textbooks and revision guides – not only intended to help you revise for your exams, but to bring Physics to life in all its weirdness and wonder.


Tom Whipple is the Science Editor at the Times and a feature writer for Scoop magazine – in the course of his job, he has reported from the inside of the world’s hottest sauna and the top of Mount Everest. His book How to Win Games and Beat People was published by Random House in 2015; his wife has stopped playing Scrabble with him because, she claims, Tom is too competitive … and has learnt all the two letter words. Follow him on Twitter under the handle @whippletom.

James Davies is an illustrator and author from Wales, now living in Bristol. He has a uniquely bold, graphic style, influenced by old cartoons and retro picture books, and is the author and illustrator of the best-selling Meet the... series (Templar). This is his first book for Walker.

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