How do you spell Melbourne town? Can you spell your way around?In this ingenious tour of Melbourne past and present with bright and funky images created in Letter Art by this award-winning illustrator.

Meet Ned Kelly, find the letters hidden in Luna Park, and learn about the architect who wouldn’t finish the cathedral! These fascinating typographic pictures are partnered with a unique and affectionate commentary on Melbourne history by this dedicated local author.

Letters from Melbourne, a brand new typographic puzzle book by Maree Coote. This book works on three levels to give readers a fun and educational experience of Melbourne. Each spread contains a cheeky haiku-like poem about Melbourne. At the base of each page is a short fact of historic note about the subject.
The puzzle picture-anagram which is the key to the illustration offers a letter and spelling challenge. Readers can spell their way around Melbourne's past, present and even its personalities. Colours are bold and bright, and will appeal to all ages. Also attractive to tourists.


Maree Coote is a writer, designer, illustrator and photographer. She is the author of two gold award winning histories, 'The Melbourne Book' and 'The Art of Being Melbourne', and is author/illustrator of a dozen children's books, including the Bologna Ragazzi Special Mention 2017 Award-winning 'Spellbound’, and the Nami Concours Illustration Distinction Prize. Her graphic work for children is focused on the typographic illustrations (Letter Art) she has developed in her recent books.


“Alphabetical Scuplture! …A really exciting thing for getting kids involved with design, for getting kids involved with literacy, for converting literacy to creativity. It’s this beautiful fusion which Maree does find in all her projects, this fusion of ideas.”

The Age

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