Over In The Meadow

A Counting Rhyme

Illustrator: Anna Vojtech

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: NorthSouth Books

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Age 4+

Children's & Young Adult Fiction & True Stories

Over in the Meadow in the sand in the sun Lived an old mother turtle and her little turtle one.

So begins this classic nursery poem, written by Olive A Wadsworth in the late 19th century, a favorite counting rhyme for generations of children. Anna Vojtech's sweet illustrations depict a sun-drenched meadow filled with loving animal families-from mother turtle with her one baby to ten little beavers embraced by their doting mother. There are lots to count in the cleverly designed pictures, and sharp-eyed youngsters will delight in finding a corresponding number of background details on each spread.


Anna Vojtech has illustrated numerous books for children, mostly folktales and stories about nature. Nature has always been a strong source of inspiration for Anna.

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