Amy has enough to deal with for one lifetime: a superstitious Chinese mother, a best friend whose mood changes as dramatically as her hair colour and a reputation at high school for being weird. The last thing she needs is to be haunted by Logan, a ghost from the 80s. He could be dangerous. He might also be Amy’s dream boy.

Preloved is an engaging young adult novel by Australian author Shirley Marr. This paranormal romance about a sassy teenage girl stuck between the past and the present deals with issues of self-esteem and independence. For more YA fiction, read Shirley’s murder mystery Fury. To learn more about these books, visit

Preloved is full of warmth, humour and retro supernatural. Will appeal to girls who love Twilight … and especially to those who don’t.” The West Australian

“This book is full of humour, warmth and a genuine understanding of the difficulties faced in our modern, multicultural society. 4/5 stars.” Bookseller+Publisher

“An enjoyable, amusing and, on many occasions, very moving, read.” Viewpoint

“Funny, touching, and convincingly set in a contemporary Australian city … many readers will identify with the issues raised in an original way in this enjoyable read.” Reading Time magazine

Preloved is a witty, likeable ride through a good thirty years’ worth of pop culture and karmic retribution, and beneath its glittery, hairsprayed veneer is a thoughtful discussion of the ways in which we’re connected to others in our lives, and how widely our actions extend — both in our present context and across time.” Read in a Single Setting


Shirley Marr wishes she were many things. Like the front woman of a hot band rocking an audience in an ultra-short mini, but unfortunately she’s tone deaf with appalling emo poetry skills. It's a good thing then that writing is her biggest, maddest love. Shirley writes what she describes as tragedy-comedy-drama YA fiction with “Mad-Bad-Little-Miss-Lady-Macbeths”. She is the author of the YA novels Fury and Preloved. Shirley is an accountant by day and a writer by night. She also has a website:


Preloved is an engaging read about a girl stuck on the precipice of yesterday and today, not sure whether to fall back or leap forward.

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Sue Lawson’s novels for young adults reflect her empathy, familiarity with their behaviour and knowledge of the disadvantages some have to contend with. Pan, the protagonist and narrator, is a convincing and memorable character.


An interesting book about why children may end up in foster care, with real insights into the difficulties of a childhood littered with complications.

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