A spooky, ghost-filled and hilarious adventure awaits when you dive into the mysterious world of Mason Mooney!

Join Paranormal Investigator Mason Mooney as he tackles ghosts, witches and grumpy teenagers to prove once and for all who the REAL talent in the world of paranormal creatures. If anyone can figure out what’s going on in Grimbrook’s most haunted house – it’s him. And no one else. But with an evil curse looming over him and the house’s inhabitants, can Mason finally prove to the Society of Peculiar Paranormal Phenomena that he’s the best around – or is he a bit out of his depth?
Packed with evil curses, haunted houses, quirky characters and a town full of unexplained phenomena, Seaerra Miller’s new series of illustrated comic-like books are sure to be a hit with kids who love twisted tales and action-packed, mysterious stories.


Seaerra Miller studied art at the Pacific Northwest College of art and Design. Since graduating she has worked for several publications and organisations such as Cricket Media and Snap Chat. She has also worked with Flying Eye books as illustrator for their Hilda Netflix novels. This is her first solo project with them.


Mason Mooney: Paranormal Investigator series is a fun romp that takes the much mined story seam of young adventurers toying with the supernatural and spins it off into its own quirkily eccentric direction.

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