A bump in the night, the crack of floorboards and the uneasy coldness of a room... Signs we might attribute to a ghostly presence.

Through the decades, investigators and mediums have dedicated themselves to the task of reaching through the veil and contacting the other side. Whether ghosts are the souls of the dead, windows in time or interdimensional beings, cultures through the ages have responded with fear and fascination to their horrific haunts and eerie appearances. This illustrative study will take you through the history and culture of ghosts.

Shortlisted in the 13-16 category of the UK School Library Association Information Book Awards 2023


Adam Allsuch Boardman grew up in an exceptionally green part of the Yorkshire Dales in England, and studied BA Illustration at Leeds Arts University. He is currently a freelance illustrator, doing jobs for national museum exhibits, educational publications and historic businesses. He is greatly influenced by film and television as well as books, from authors such as Agatha Christie to Isaac Asimov.


Adam Allsuch Boardman, shares his fascination with UFOs in this non-fiction collection of the people, literary estoerica and films dedicated to the phenomena. His aim is to bring context to the associated social history in this colourful picture book.

World Illustration Awards

A charmingly illustrated introduction to all things ghostly and unexplained. Adam Allsuch Boardman takes us on a journey through time and around the world, exploring the different ways we think about life after death.

This Podcast is Haunted

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