Melbourne. 1879. Verity Sparks has found her father. But she has lost her gift – the ability to find lost things. Papa Savinov, eager for Verity to become a proper lady, sends her to the exclusive boarding school Hilltop House. But Verity is more interested in solving the case of the missing Ecclethorpe heiress. As the investigation deepens, danger and intrigue grow closer. Will Verity’s gift return before it’s too late?


Susan Green grew up by the beach and in country Victoria. She always wanted to write and illustrate books, but gave away her art studies and teaching to concentrate on writing when she won a short story competition. She has published several children’s books, but The Truth About Verity Sparks was her first book with Walker Books Australia.


An entertaining adventure mystery rich with historical curiosities. Recommended for middle-primary readers.

Aussie Reviews

A totally wonderful mystery story with an intriguing and fascinating character at it’s core.

The Kylie Verse

A fun, adventure story for those aged 9-12 year olds.

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