More Ducky the Spy laugh-out-loud hilarity in this perfectly pitched graphic novel from award-winning creator of Frank's Red Hat, Sean E Avery

Mr Pig’s giant pumpkin, Brunhilda (Hildy for short), in trouble.
A powerful device stolen from a secret lab.
A once-evil cat turned loyal friend ...
All in a day’s adventuring for and Donny “The Distraction” Donkey


Sean E Avery is a teacher, writer-illustrator, sculptor and designer born in South Africa currently living in Perth, Western Australia. Locally, he’s best known as the writer-illustrator of well-loved children’s picture books. Frank's Red Hat (Walker, 2022) was shortlisted for the 2023 CBCA Picture Book of the Year and was winner of Shadow Judges Picture Book of the Year, and was also shortlisted for the 2023 Indie and WAYRBA awards. It has been published in several territories. In 2023, Sean released Mr Clownfish, Miss Anemone and the Hermit Crab alongside two graphic novels, Friendly Bee and Friends and Friendly Bee: Woe is for Worm.

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