Edinburgh is a city filled with magical creatures that no-one can see... except Ramya Knox.

Magic, friendship and sticky situations aplenty, as the adventures of Ramya Knox continue in this delightful sequel to Like a Charm.

Stuck in Loch Ness while Edinburgh falls under the control of a terrifyingly powerful Siren, Ramya Knox is
frustrated. She’s supposed to be learning magic from her Aunt Opal, but that isn’t going as smoothly as she’d hoped. As she pushes to rescue her Hidden Folk friends in the city, long-buried secrets come to light and legends come to life. Ramya knows she’s different; she knows she’s a witch. But now she must learn the true meaning of her powers... before all she loves is lost.


Elle McNicoll is a debut children’s author from Scotland, now living in East London. As a neurodivergent writer, she is passionate about disability rights and representation, and assists as a mentor for neurodivergent students at UCL. When she isn’t writing fiction, she works as an editor and in her spare time, makes colourful chokes for friends to wear. A Kind of Spark is her first novel which was published in June 2020 by Knights Of, and has gone to garner over 35 rave reviews, including The Times and The Sunday Times. It was Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month in October 2020.

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