Adventurous, magical and brilliantly funny sequel to The House at the Edge of Magic.

"Magically warm and wonderfully weird, it's Terry Pratchett meets Diana Wynne Jones" Louie Stowell, author of Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good

Nine and her friends have broken the curse on their marvellous, magical House, and are free to travel the worlds once more! Their first stop: The Wizarding Hopscotch Championships.

There's only one problem: the House is nervous about travelling – and gets the hiccups! Bouncing from world to world with every "HIC!", they finally land at the championships, only for Flabberghast to have an unfortunate run-in with square number seven, and find himself faced with the terrible Tower at the End of Time.

But maybe here they can find out how to cure the House's hiccups, and Nine might finally discover who left her the beloved music box, and who she really is...

A young middle grade novel full of humour, magic and mischief – and the second in a three book series.


This energetic, inventive romp has a touch of the late, great Diana Wynne Jones.


In the delightful sequel to The House at the Edge of Magic, Amy Sparkes has brought her characters back to life in a new yet familiar adventure, with big heart and joy, as well as a touch of danger whilst they navigate a new adventure and a new threat.

A brilliantly funny sequel that’s equal parts adventure, magic and mischief.

It Girl

Sparkes’s use of humour and vivid visual details will engage younger readers immediately. Overall, a funny and unique middle-grade novel that will leave readers wanting more.

Reading Time

I absolutely love Amy Sparkes imagination and quirky sense of absurd. This is a series that will engage readers of all ages and keep them entertained until the very end. I can’t wait for the next book which truly is the sign of a great read. I would recommend this book to any age but definitely from ages 9 and up, independent readers will love reading this and although it would be fabulous as a class novel I can see students so desperate to find out what happens… and one that will become a very popular read as it is pure fun with just the right amount of tension.


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