A story about friendship, courage and self-belief. Addie’s story was born from Elle McNicoll's own experiences of neurodiversity and her commitment to seeing greater representation in children’s books.

A Kind of Spark tells the story of 11-year-old Addie as she campaigns for a memorial in memory of the witch trials that took place in her Scottish hometown. Addie knows there’s more to the story of these ‘witches’, just like there is more to hers. Can Addie challenge how the people in her town see her and her autism, and make her voice heard?


Elle McNicoll is a debut children’s author from Scotland, now living in East London. As a neurodivergent writer, she is passionate about disability rights and representation, and assists as a mentor for neurodivergent students at UCL. When she isn’t writing fiction, she works as an editor and in her spare time, makes colourful chokes for friends to wear. A Kind of Spark is her first novel.


A Kind of Spark is a refreshing book that is open and interesting, written in a deep first-person point of view of autism in girls…This story is a wonderful read for children 9-12 years interested in understanding more about the concepts and challenges of autism or for neurodivergent girls looking for stories with relatable characters.

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A Kind of Spark is a warm and well-constructed, enchanting, funny and heartbreaking novel and recommended too.


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