Amazing Treasures

100+ Objects and Places That Will Boggle Your Mind

Illustrator: MUTI

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: What on Earth Books

Our Amazing World Series

Age 7+

Art: General Interest

Discover 100 of the world's most extraordinary man made and natural treasures, objects and places

Discover 100 of the world’s most remarkable artefacts, most stunning artworks and most intriguing ruins in this beautifully illustrated book about Earth's treasures.

Treasures both natural and manmade make an appearance in a tour which stretches across thousands of years and all around the globe. Discover sunken wrecks loaded with pirate gold, the abandoned tombs of the world's most powerful rulers and even meteorites – treasures from outer space!

A central gatefold offers a close-up look at the wonders hidden within the Forbidden City in China, while Blue Peter award-winning author David Long also addresses contemporary topics such as our threatened natural wonders and the ownership of cultural treasures.


An absolutely fascinating read for anyone aged 7+ with an interest in the world around them.

Library Girl and Book Boy

There really something to interest everyone inside this book, and it is easy to see how much this book will excite readers as they learn facts and information along the way. This book is one that will keep readers engaged from cover to cover, and ensure that they would want to learn more beyond. The potential uses of this book are too vast to mention.

Book Bound

Covering heritage and ownership of artefacts, and environmental impacts on some of the geographical finds, this is a truly stunning book that is as engaging as it is inspiring. A brilliant second book to a series with more to follow. A must for non-fiction fans.

Miss Cleveland is Reading

The breathtaking illustrations bring this fascinating and spectacular world of treasures to life. Every page is bursting with vibrant colours and fascinating details to explore … This fascinating book will be sure to inspire future little historians, archaeologists, and paleontologists/geologists!


If you fancy going on a thrilling treasure hunt, open the pages of this brilliant book and discover over one hundred of the world’s most extraordinary wonders! … With the fun of discovery on every page, this is the perfect book for young explorers and treasure-hunters!

Lancaster Guardian

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