Small children who like big machines that go - and things that grow - will love this ode to farm equipment from the team behind the Roadworks series.

Down on the farm, let’s plant the seeds.
Tip them! Flip them!
Go, go, go!

From the plough that cuts the earth and the harrow that churns the soil to the seed drill that plants the seeds, the sprayer that waters them, the combine harvester that reaps the corn, and the dump cart that brings the tasty load to the truck, there’s plenty of noisy excitement that happens on a farm. And don’t forget the hard-working tractor, which rests when the farm workers take a break and sample the crop! From the creative pair that brought us the Roadworks series (with more than a million copies sold), Tractor will be a go-to read-aloud for little ones mesmerised by its sound words and bold, graphic sights.


Sally Sutton is the award-winning and bestselling author of Roadworks, Demolition, Construction, Dig, Dump, Roll and Wheels. In 2009, Roadworks won the Picture Book category of the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards, and in 2015 Construction was a finalist. Sally has also written many other books for children. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband and two daughters.

Brian Lovelock is an award-winning illustrator of 10 picture books including the Roadworks series, The Raintrain, Flight of the Honey Bee, Gecko and Ambulance, Ambulance! His illustration awards include Best Picture Book in the 2009 New Zealand Book Awards (for Roadworks) and the 2014 LIANZA Russell Clark Medal for illustration (Flight of the Honey Bee). Brian was long-listed for the 2013 CILIP Kate Greenaway Award for his work on Demolition and in 2019 he was a finalist in the Nami Concours illustration competition. Brian lives in Auckland where he works as a scientist in the power industry.


This is a book that toddlers will ask to be read again and again… It is a great resource for home and school libraries.


Sutton is a master of informative easy to read books and her latest book Tractor is no exception.

Kids' Book Review

Tractor is colourful, and the working farm is brought to life by Brian Lovelock’s richly detailed illustrations. Young readers will be fascinated by the many tasks a tractor can do and find appreciation for the hard work of farmers to produce food that makes its way to our tables. The text and rhyme is accessible and rhythmic, drawing young readers into the fascinating world of working vehicles. There are plenty of opportunities for craft and word learning for young readers, and parents, teachers and librarians will find it a fun read. The inclusion of a visual diagram of the parts of the tractor is sure to have young vehicle lovers engaged and repeating new words in their tractor vocabulary! Tractor is a wonderful glimpse into life on a farm and the integral role working machinery plays in the world. It forms part of the Roadworks series – an excellent introduction for young readers to all things construction from the wheels that turn large trucks to the beautiful chaos of construction and demolition.

Reading Time

There were lots of new farm vehicles to learn, a great story about the vehicles put to work on a farm, staring, of course, our versatile stalwart: the tractor.

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