Amazing Animals

100+ Creatures That Will Boggle Your Mind

Illustrator: Paul Daviz

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: What on Earth Books

Our Amazing World Series

Age 7+

Nature, The Natural World

Discover over 100 of the world’s most remarkable creatures in this beautifully illustrated tour of Earth's wildlife.

Animals come in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes. From the record breaking tongue of a chameleon to the dashing dance of the peacock spider, you'll learn about the most amazing examples from air, land and sea. Discover playful dolphins, sleepy koalas and even a fish that keeps its babies safe in its own mouth, uncovering the secrets of their survival, the incredible habitats they call home as well as the environmental threats putting them in danger.

A central gatefold offers a world map which reveals the locations of all the animals included in the book.


Sabrina Weiss is a London-based journalist covering science, the environment and technology. An avid diver and photographer, she loves to plunge into the deep blue and photograph the animals we share our planet with. Sabrina is in a constant state of wanderlust and is always ready for the next adventure. Sabrina Weiss is the author of Ocean: Secrets of the Deep (What on Earth Books, 2019) and Amazing Islands (What on Earth Books, 2020).

Draw. Draw. Draw. This has been the story of Paul Daviz’s life from an early age. He drew on his schoolbooks, drew when he got a job in a pyjama factory, and built up an extraordinary portfolio of imagery which won him work storyboarding TV commercials, animated productions, packaging and print campaigns for top London agencies. Originally from Blackburn, today Paul is a vastly experienced illustrator confident working in a whole range of cartoony styles, and still draws on a daily basis.


This book would make a wonderful gift as well as being a great addition for home, school and public libraries.

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This is an attractive book with clever design features, exquisite illustrations and easily accessible information that pays homage to the weird and wonderful traits and behaviours of animals. This book is part of an “Amazing” series, including islands, rivers, and treasures. I highly recommend this book for home and school libraries and animal enthusiasts of all ages.

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