Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye 5: Raining Cats and Detectives

Age 7+

Comic Strip Fiction / Graphic Novels

A furry, fishy, feathered, fanged, and funny cast of characters solve just-right mysteries in Mr. Venezi's mixed-up pet shop. With quick pacing, lots of visual clues, and complete with "animal facts" at the end, this series gives very young readers graphic novels of their own.

Now that Viola is on the job, and Mr. V is trying to learn the difference between a hamster and koala, it looks like Mr. Venezi's Pets and Stuff might actually sell some pets! When Detective Nichols walks in the door, Sasspants and Hamisher think they've found the perfect owner. But he can only afford one pet, and the detective team is split up! Who will solve the case of the missing bookstore cat, with Sasspants in her new home and Hamisher in retirement? All the other pets take on the case (and put on special detective hats!).


Colleen AF Venable-Eisner Award nominee for Guinea PIG #3: The Ferret's a Foot-was born in the small town of Walden, NY, and graduated from Wagner College on Staten Island in 2002 with a double degree in English and Art. She is the creator of the Fluff in Brooklyn fumetti (photo comic) about jerboas, llamas, and other creeping, hopping things; has presented photography and art installations around the world; and provides voice talent for animator Scott Bateman on She is a designer for First Second Books, has worked in the past as a lumberjack, and has a connect-the-dots tattoo of a giraffe.

Stephanie Yue-also an Eisner Award nominee for Guinea PIG #3: The Ferret's a Footgraduated from Pratt Institute in 2006 and is currently living in Providence, Rhode Island. With Zack Giallongo, she created the comic book series Novasett Island, and she has done coloring work for graphic novels from First Second Books. She likes to play guitar, practice kung fu, meet people, eat cookies, and drink green tea.

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