"A lamb for my supper will taste mighty fine!"
Thought a wily old wolf by the name of Lou Pine.
As he sneakily, slyly snuck up on the flock -
But it wasn't the sheep that were in for a shock...

With a stunningly cunning plan, Lou Pine, finds a disguise that is sure to deliver a lamb stew or two. But this flock of sheep aren't quite the dumb mutton they seem...


Since graduating from Kingston College of Art in 2004 Mei Matsuoka has been much in demand as an illustrator. Her illustrations for a short story won first prize in a UNESCO sponsored competition, which she travelled to Japan to collect in 2005. Mei was on the final longlist of candidates nominated as Best New Illustrators, and is one of the UK's most exciting newcomers to children's books.

Peter Bently was born in Tidworth and attended Balliol College, Oxford, where he studied for a BA Hons in Modern Languages. He has two young children and now lives in Devon. He has also written several other award-winning picture books, including A Lark in the Ark (Egmont) and Shark in the Dark (Macmillan).


Should inspire giggles, curiosity and delight.

Sunday Independent (Dublin)

Hilarious read-aloud romp. A real treat, and repeated readings will garner even more details and delights.

The Bookseller

A joyous rhyming romp from this increasingly popular creative team . . . Matsuoka’s distinctive style of illustration perfectly complements Bently’s wicked humour.

Daily Mail

A catchy rhyming text propels this entertaining story…great illustrations


A lovely book which will make an excellent gift or a brilliant borrow from the library, and I suspect your child might not want to take it back!

The Bookbag

Humourous illustrations aid a story that will have children and adults giggling with glee.

Early Years Educator

The rhymes are irresistible and the drawings are beautifully stylized.

The School Librarian

Don’t miss the brilliantly subversive The Great Sheep Shenanigans!

The Bookseller

One to watch. A very funny tale from rising star Bently.

The Bookseller

A rambunctious story from the team behind The Great Dog Bottom Swap. The verse is often slyly witty… Matsuoka’s illustrations supply plenty of comedy, too.


Rollicking rhyme at a breakneck pace. Matsuoka’s textured, stylized cartoon illustrations, add greatly to the hilarity. Little ones will delight in the grossness.


The illustrations are bright and funny…a lovely book which will make an excellent gift or a brilliant borrow from the library, and I suspect your child might not want to take it back!


This woolly tale will have pre-school children giggling into their pillows (at bedtime).


A great delight in both words and pictures.

The School Librarian

Distinctive illustrations, lavish with colour and pattern. Had the whole family in fits of laughter.


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