Sophie lives in Gorom-Gorom with her carnivorous-plant obsessed dad. Despite living there for two years and speaking the local language, Sophie finds it difficult to make friends. So when she meets Gidaado, a young griot (story-teller) she agrees to join him and his albino camel, Chobbal, on a journey to his village. It is not until they have set off that Sophie begins to realise just how dangerous the desert is - it's full of djinns that creep up behind you and jump on your head and make you go mad, not to mention the infamous Moussa ag Litni, a ruthless bandit who steals camels. . .


Stephen Davies is a missionary living amongst Fulani herders in West Africa. He speaks Fulfulde, eats millet, accompanies cattle-drives and preaches the gospel in culturally relevant ways. At present he is working towards the set-up of a Fulfulde radio station which will broadcast news, griot music and advice about cows, crops and health. He also writes for the Guardian Weekly (Letters from Burkina Faso) and occasionally for the Sunday Times. He has a website:


Pure adventure story . . . An exceptional short novel.


A joyous adventure story for the 8-10s.

York Evening Press

Wonderfully fast moving and humorous style

Northern Echo

Almost Kiplingesque . . . a wonderful story for readers from 8 to 80.

School Librarian

I like the bit where the snake attacks and Gidaado throws a shirt over its head!

Independent on Sunday

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