It’s tough moving house and changing neighbourhoods… In this book, Hilda faces new challenges as she moves from the wilderness to the city of Trolberg!

As Hilda starts at her new school, she has to adapt to a whole new way of life and make new friends – humans as well as other creatures. Hilda faces all kinds of surprises as she explores the city and faces hordes of people… and learns to find her own space within the crowds. The City Survival Guide also contains Alfur’s ‘From our Own Foreign Correlfspondent’ journal plus various cuttings from the local paper and extracts from library books detailing mythical creatures, and lists of Hilda’s mysterious missing items…


Luke Pearson is an illustrator and cartoonist who has fast become one of the leading talents of the UK comics scene. He recently worked as a writer and storyboard artist on the cult show 'Adventure Time'. Clients include The New York Times, the Guardian, Cartoon Network, Wired and Disney. He lives in Nottingham.


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