Warts, evil spells, and toads for pets? The modern-day witches in this book aren’t scary or frightening, but rather hip! Meet these diverse witches from around the world and their animal companions in this quirky picture book from debut author-illustrator April Suddendorf!

Every witch needs a pet by her side. But if you’re picturing black cats or toads, think again. Because in Wacky Witches and Their Peculiar Familiars the animal companions are just as original and likable as their witches: a little monkey helps his pink-haired witch cut her locks, while a parrot helps his tarot card-reading witch answer the phone.

In her picture book debut, German author–illustrator April Suddendorf plays with a cliché: witches are not evil, old, or scary, but modern, versatile women from all over the world. Joyful magic unfolds through clever rhymes as each witch, and her animal friend, is introduced. Readers, discover what kind of witch you want to be!

Which witch will be your favourite? For readers who love Room on the Broom and Witch & Wombat!


April Suddendorf was born in the Netherlands and grew up both there and in Germany, speaking three languages. She has always loved illustrating (even if it was just her mother’s shopping list at first) and spent hours as a child just staring at her favourite picture books and making up her own stories. She studied communication design at Wismar University of Applied Sciences and graduated in 2022, with her final project being her very own picture book: Wacky Witches and Their Peculiar Familiars.

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