Jam packed with pirates, dinosaurs and unicorns, this unique tale about storytelling teaches us that a good story needs more than a great setting.

What makes a great story? How are stories made? This clever and unique look at storytelling can help us to understand that great stories need more than exciting and imaginative settings...

Meet Bella – she’s not that rabbit, nor the squirrel, she’s the hills, and the trees, and everything in the background. But today, she’s taking control and creating her own story. Today, she’s Bella the Storyteller, and she wants her story to have dragons and dinosaurs and pirates and unicorns and aliens in space! This is going to be the best story ever...but Rabbit and Squirrel might not agree.


Chris Naylor-Ballesteros is an author and illustrator of children's picture books. He has previously worked in music, teaching, illustration and graphic design. He has won the English Association's Picture Book Award and has been shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal and Oscar's Book Prize. Hailing from Yorkshire, he lives in France with his wife and two children.

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