Rune: The Tale of a Thousand Faces

Illustrator: Carlos Sánchez

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Flying Eye Books

Age 8+

Comic Strip Fiction / Graphic Novels Fantasy & Magical Realism

Venture deep into the forests of Little Valley, a land lost in time and darkness. Filled with dark magic, druids, and dragons Rune: The Tale of a Thousand Faces is the first instalment of this spellbinding new comic series.

Best friends Chiri and Dai stumble into a forgotten realm, tormented by the evil Shadow King who yearns to spread terror to Little Valley and beyond. But will these best friends, with the help of the druids, warriors, and magical goats they encounter be able to find their way home? And more importantly, can they evade the darkness that was awoken on their arrival and seal the pathway between worlds before it is too late?


Carlos Sánchez grew up, with a pencil in his hand, in Barcelona. When he was very young a comic fell into his hand and that changed his life forever. He studied Design in EINA, and a master in Creative Illustration in Bau. He loves to draw, read comics, eat cereal and play videogames. Nowadays, he works as a designer, illustrator and comic artist in Barcelona.

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