Goddess Crown

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Walker Books

Age 14+

Adventure Stories Fantasy & Magical Realism

A YA feminist fantasy, full of romance, danger and courtly intrigue, from a dazzling debut writer.

For fans of Twin Crowns, and TikTok sensations The Woven Kingdom and To Kill a Kingdom.

Kalothia has grown up in the shadows of her kingdom, hidden away in the East after her parents were outed as enemies of the king. When assassins attack her home on her sixteenth birthday, she must flee to the king’s court – a beautiful but lethal nest of poison, plots and danger, overseen by an entrenched patriarchy. Can Kalothia navigate this most worldly of places to find her own role? What if she must choose between her country and her heart?


Shade Lapite is British–Nigerian and has drawn on her heritage to create the world of her debut novel. She spent a significant slice of her childhood nestled in the library, inhaling books by Diana Wynne Jones, Tamora Pierce, Lois Duncan and Mildred D Taylor. Her love for the arts led her to a degree in Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London. She now lives in Toronto and juggles writing with her career in digital marketing. Her blog, Coffee Bookshelves, celebrates writing and promotes titles by authors of colour.


Highly recommended for readers aged fourteen and older, Goddess Crown beckons to those who crave a riveting exploration of a new realm brimming with both danger and beauty. Through the eyes of Kalothia, Lapite invites readers to witness a world where courage is tested, alliances are formed, and the pursuit of justice becomes a captivating and unforgettable journey.

CBCA’s Reading Time

At its core, Goddess Crown celebrates women’s autonomy, painting a vivid portrayal of a determined young woman unapologetically seizing control of her destiny. Kalothia’s unwavering resolve and her willingness to challenge the status quo are a testament to the strength that lies within her and within women as a whole. Lapite’s literary prowess is further highlighted by her masterful treatment of mature themes, including inequality, violence, and power dynamics, which lend a weighty authenticity to the narrative. As the plot unfurls with dramatic tension and gripping suspense, readers are seamlessly transported to the richly crafted world of Galla, where every page turn is a thrilling adventure.

Reading Time

Goddess Crown is a fantasy debut featuring lush imagery, immersive language, worldbuilding, and a captivating, fast-paced plot…Kalothia is an endearing, strong-willed protagonist. She’s quick, capable, and tenacious in the face of the immense danger and political games that have ensnared her family. Her relationships with other characters are a testament to her unshakeable ideals, and as an agent of change, she’s a pleasure to watch plot her destiny. Goddess Crown binds together several well-loved conventions of YA fantasy: political intrigue, romance, strategic alliances, and a kingdom whose future is at stake. Recommended for readers 13+

Nishtha Banavalikar, Readings

This is a terrific read depicting a wonderfully lush Royal kingdom, the kingdom’s abhorrent treatment of women, and a remarkably strong girl who just may change all that. Full of deception, romance and exciting drama, this book will be most loved by readers aged 13 and older.“

Lamont Books

With a combination of adventure, themes of feminism, a touch of romance and a strong, charismatic main character, Goddess crown is very difficult to put down. Readers who enjoyed Twin crowns by Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber, The Queen’s rising by Rebecca Ross, and Three dark crowns by Kendare Blake are sure to enjoy


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