From apes to dolphins to clever crows, this beautifully illustrated non-fiction picture book tells stories of amazing and resourceful tool-using animals that use objects in all kinds of crafty ways.

In Earth’s jungles and deserts and deep beneath the sea curious creatures are hard at work. Some resourceful animals use tools to get the job done, just like you do. There are bottlenose dolphins holding sponges to protect their snouts, chimps wielding rocky hammers and tailorbirds stitching leaves with spider silk.

Learn how and why these animals toil with tools, and discover that you have more in common with them than you ever imagined…

Children will learn all about these clever creatures, and explore how their daily routines have a lot in common with human kids! A perfect book for children with a curiosity to learn more about the wonderful animals we share our planet with.


Zoë Armstrong trained as a journalist and has worked in public relations within the charitable sector and in education. Zoe works as a freelance writer in Brighton where she lives with her young daughter. She is the author of Find The Spy.

Anja Sušanj is originally from coastal Croatia, she received an MA in illustration at the University of the Arts London and has been doing illustration ever since. Her first book was The Secret Lives of Mermaids with Flying Eye Books.


An exhilarating journey to meet some of the craftiest and most resourceful animals on Earth. Mind-boggling and lots of fun!

So much to discover in this beautifully illustrated book.

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