Absolutely Everything! Revised and Expanded

A History of Earth, Dinosaurs, Rulers, Robots and Other Things Too Numerous to Mention

Illustrator: Andy Forshaw

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: What on Earth Books

Age 10+

History & The Past: General Interest

The most remarkable true stories of all time and around the world brought vividly to life – from the Big Bang right up to the present day.

Embark on a journey across millennia and around the world, from the latest understanding of the origins of the universe, the birth of the Earth, the very first life, the age of dinosaurs, the rise of humans, ancient civilizations, colonialism, wars, technology, everyday life, global struggles for freedom and equality, pandemics – and much more. Eye-catching and informative illustrations and photographs throughout join with author Christopher Lloyd’s engaging narrative to bring to life the most remarkable true stories of all time. The 2nd edition is revised for fuller global coverage and updated with the latest research, as well as with events that have occurred since the first edition. The design has received a fresh treatment and many new photographs have been included.


Christopher Lloyd began his career as a journalist with the Sunday Times newspaper. Then, one day, he had a realisation: even with a 1st class degree in history from Cambridge University and experience as a science writer, there was so much about the world he didn’t know. So, he set out to write a book that showed how seemingly unrelated events fit together. After his adult world history book What on Earth Happened? sold 500,000 copies around the world, Chris set out to tell the story to children. Absolutely Everything is the result. Chris lives in Tonbridge, Kent, with his wife and two adorable terriers.

Andy Forshaw graduated in graphic design and illustration from London’s Central Saint Martin’s College and has worked on numerous online and publishing projects. Since 2010, Andy has created more than 5,000 illustrations for children’s books. When not illustrating, Andy can be found exploring the countryside on his bike. He lives in London with his partner and daughter.


This chatty, funny, fast-paced and intelligent book is one for all ages… Indulge yourself with this wonderful, engaging guide!

Kids Book Review

This fascinating book provides so much scope for discussion and learning with many unknown facts, milestones and events to be further researched. A worthy addition to a home school or public library. Highly recommended.


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