Spangles McNasty and the Fish of Gold

Illustrator: Chris Mould

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Andersen Press

Spangles McNasty Series

Age 7+

Adventure Stories Humorous Stories

Welcome to Bitterly Bay. Spangles McNasty has decided to spend his summer doing what he loves the most: shouting at babies, pulling faces at old ladies, eating cold chips from bins and best of all, collecting other people's spangly things!
Having convinced themselves that goldfish are made of gold and that they grow to the size of whales, Spangles and his friend Sausage-face Pete decide to find the great Fish of Gold. They'll be rich forever!
Only young Freddie Taylor can stop Spangles' dastardly plan, in a tale full of time-travelling jet skis, madcap chases and haunted custard. It is a tale so odd, your mind-cogs will jam with happiness for ever after!


Steve Webb (Author)
Steve Webb was born in Newcastle, and studied at Bristol Art College. He is also the author of the successful Tanka Tanka Skunk. He currently lives in the Peak District with his wife and three children.

Chris Mould (Illustrator)
Chris Mould is an award-winning illustrator who went to art school at 16. His work includes picture books and fiction, animation and satirical cartoons for national newspapers. He lives in Yorkshire with his wife and has two grown-up daughters.


Skullduggery, thievery and anarchic humour in a heavily illustrated tale for fans of Mr Gum.

The Bookseller

With its zany plot, an abundance of the fanciful imagery and word play that young readers love, this is unadulterated fun!


Both ludicrous and funny, join Freddie on the greediest, goldest and fishiest escapade of the summer.


Packed in silliness, sleuthiness and non-stop action… Heavily spangled throughout with the brilliant inky scribbly illustrations of Chris Mould, this is the start of a series featuring the best rotter I’ve met in ages. Move over Twits! Step aside Mr. Gum! Spangles is here and he’s one in a ‘bullion’!


A totally silly adventure

The Bookbag

A perfectly marvellous summer romp which will have you laughing out loud at the ludicrous villains and outrageously bonkers storyline.

Book Lover Jo blog

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