Frog is excited – Hare has promised that today will be a very special day. But when Frog decides to find out why, none of his friends seem to know. Has Hare been playing a trick on him? No – Frog has forgotten his own birthday! Luckily his friends haven't – they're throwing him a surprise party to celebrate his special day.


Born in The Hague in 1923, Max Velthuijs is now considered to have been one of Holland's most important creators of children's books, alongside Dick Bruna. Max won many awards, including the highly prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 2004. He died in 2005, aged 81.


A clever insight into the ups and downs of friendship through the eyes of young children

Nursery World

The perfect birthday gift for any young child.

The Bookseller

Frog is an inspired creation – a masterpiece of graphic simplicity.


A funny story about this amiable – and rather forgetful – frog


Max Velthuijs brings a sensitive, gently humorous approach to fundamental issues in this charming tale.

Publishing News

The simple detail and delightfully straightforward Frog is just lovely

School Librarian

One of my favourite series of books. Many of the books tackle serious life issues and delivers them in a non-threatening and humorous way to children.

Angels and Urchins

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