What do you do with a fire-breathing monster? Adore him! The Monster from Halfway to Nowhere... When the people of a little town discover that the fire-breathing monster in their midst is really a kind-hearted mind mannered monster, they all have different ideas about what to do with him. But the ideas make Mervyn unhappy, until a professor has an idea that lightens everyone’s mood—especially Mervyn’s! The Monster from Halfway to Nowhere... Robbers have kidnapped Mervyn the monster by baking him cakes full of sleeping powder. They think the heist is a success. But the robbers don’t know Mervyn . . . and the people from the town that’s halfway to nowhere.


Max Velthuijs (1923–2005) was born in The Hague, Netherlands. As a toddler, he loved to draw and make up his own stories. After studying painting and graphic design, he went on to become one of the most famous illustrators for children in The Netherlands and received many awards. In 2004, he received the Hans Christian Andersen Award for illustrators.

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