Everyone has heard of kangaroos and koalas. Now meet the bilby, an endangered Australian marsupial with silky fur, long ears, and bright eyes.

In the hostile Australian desert, a mother bilby gives birth to a baby. Nestled in a burrow deep underground, she cares for her little one. Soon he must grow up and learn to survive in a harsh environment. Nature-loving readers can follow the story of this elusive marsupial, learning its secrets even as it burrows out of sight.


Edel Wignell is an Australian freelance writer, compiler and journalist. She has been writing full-time for children and adults since 1979: short stories, articles, verse, novels, scripts and non-fiction. Edel, who has five sisters, grew up on a sheep farm in northern Victoria, becoming interested in animals, birds, nature and the environment at an early age. Edel says that the satisfaction of being a writer comes from both the joy of writing, and the thought that children around the world turn the pages of her books and gain pleasure from reading them.


The expressionistic paintings of Bilby are often dramatic, and the little animal is definitely undertreated in American literature.

Bulletin for the Centre of Children's Books

Probably the best illustrations I’ve seen in a while, I absolutely loved the depictions of the Australian landscape and animals. The book is also educational about the bilby and various other Australian animals.


Bilby- Secrets of an Australian Marsupial by Edel Wignell, illustrated by Mark Jackson – non-fiction – 2nd grade and up – Really enjoyed reading this beautiful flowing story about a creature I barely ever heard of before… a tail with a barb, digging tunnels, baby care, and more, just fascinating. Also appreciate the organization of the book with extra tidbits of information snuck on some pages in italics and an index at the back… just a wonderful non-fiction animal addition to the collection.


This educational and entertaining book will make the perfect gift for readers of all ages at Easter.

Buzz Words

Interesting facts weave through the story, making it fun and educational.

Disney Princess


CBCA Book of the Year Awards, Eve Pownall Award for Information Books
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