A story for every child who has dared to dream...

Flame is a beautiful, golden carousel horse with a sad heart. Unlike the other horses, who are designed to move up and down, Flame was built to stand still. The children choose to ride on the turning, dancing horses and Flame is left waiting. Until one day, a little girl who has always dreamed of riding the beautiful horses comes to ride the carousel...


Corinne Fenton is the author of the award-winning Queenie: One Elephant’s Story and the exquisite The Dog on the Tuckerbox. Corinne is also the Victorian Coordinator of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Sebastian Ciaffaglione is the illustrator of The Night We Made the Flag by Carole Wilkinson. He has spent countless hours at Luna Park researching the carousel (but we expect he was really going round the Big Dipper).


Flame Stands Waiting is a stand out picture book. The only horse on a carousel that does not move means that kids rarely choose to ride Flame. But one day Flame is chosen for what turns out to be a thrilling ride. I loved Corinne Fenton’s evocative story paired with Sebastian Ciaffaglione’s amazing illustrations. I highly recommend this book.


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