Do you remember ‘The Triantiwontigongolope’? Or ‘The Song of the Sulky Stockman’? In 1921, C. J. Dennis dedicated ‘A Book for Kids’ to children ‘over four and under four-and-eighty’ and it has been making Australian children laugh ever since. With a foreword by Andy Griffiths, black dog books is bringing C. J. Dennis to a new generation of readers. As Phillip Adams says, it’s “an Australian classic”.


Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis - better known as C.J. Dennis - was an Australian poet of the early 20th century once described as the ‘Robert Burns of Australia’. Probably best known for his novel ‘The Sentimental Bloke’.


(All ages) Highly recommended. A reprint of C.J. Dennis’ original book with his own illustrations is a treat for all. Dedicated by the author to ‘All good children over four and under four-and-eighty’ and with a new introduction by Andy Griffiths, A book for kidz contains entertaining poems and two short stories. The tongue in cheek humour and the contagious rhyme and rhythm and easy tone ensure that it is accessible to people today.

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