This classic bedtime poem appears in this illustrated edition in a moonlit Dutch landscape - the sailing boat is a shoe, the sea a sea of dew, the stars are herring, the moon speaks to the fishermen. There is ample fuel for a small child's imagination and the three children, dressed in nightclothes are off on an adventure. The luminosity of the moonlit sea is captured in muted shades of blue that create a soothing mood.

This poem, though well-known to grandparents, will be fresh for young children and it is the perfect bedtime story which will lull with its rhythms and create a sense of a safe, solid adult world, while allowing the imagination to soar and dreams to be pleasant.


Eugene Field (1850-1895) is best known for his children's poetry.

Johanna Westerman is a graduate of Scripps College, where she majored in studio art. She has illustrated numerous books for children. She lives in Altadena, California.

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