This sequel to Seventh Grade vs. the Galaxy is an equally fast-paced and fun sci-fi adventure, with growing pains and friendship at its heart.

After the entire population of Earth's solar system is whisked away by alien technology, Jack and his classmates and teachers aboard the PSS 118 are the only humans left. It's up to them to find and rescue the rest of humanity—if they can avoid the aliens hunting them down, steer clear of a robot civil war, and figure out who among them might be a traitor.


Joshua S. Levy is a husband, lawyer, father, and children's book author who lives in New Jersey.


School is in orbit once again as the students use their wits, courage, and bonds of friendship to thwart their most sinister foes. Another amazing trip across the galaxy with the students of PSS 118!

Readers rejoice! Here’s another gem from Joshua Levy. Eighth Grade vs. the Machines is at once totally relatable and utterly out of this world. Hilarious, high-stakes, un-put-downable fun.

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