The Cassandra: Animal Psychic graphic novel series presents a lovable lead character, lots of charming animals, grounded themes, and a touch of the supernatural.

Cassandra has a gift. Animals can show her what they're thinking. And she's done keeping her talent a secret. In the first volume of the Cassandra: Animal Psychic series, Cassandra sets out to help pets and their people.

The trouble is, other parts of Cassandra's life are changing too. Her mom has a boyfriend she really likes, but his daughter can't stand Cassandra. And Cassandra's best friend is about to leave town. Not even her trusty dog Miss Dolly can make things feel okay. When Cassandra gets on the trail of a lost cat, will she be able to help its owners? Or will her first case be a flop?


Isabelle Bottier writes graphic novels for kids and teens. She lives in France.

Hélène Canac illustrates graphic novels and lives in France.


Cassandra’s struggles and triumphs make this an entertaining series opener with broad appeal.

Kirkus Reviews

Cassandra has a secret: she can make psychic connections with animals! The only people who know are her mom, her dog, and her best friend, but situations keep cropping up where she can help animals that are pets, and she has to decide whether she can reveal her abilities to other people. This story has a lot going for it: a spunky, young protagonist of color, positive portrayal of a non-traditional home life, and oodles of information about taking good care of pets mixed in with the story. The warmly colored, cute, rounded artwork stays nicely grounded in reality considering some supernatural aspects of the story. Simply, it invites the reader into Cassandra’s mind. The story also touches upon feelings of jealousy of the way a parent spends their time, as well as how to be supportive of a friend when they’re doing something that’s good for them but not ideal for you. All of these great themes are packed in with loads of heart and excellent pacing. Any animal lover will devour this in two bites.


A good match for readers who enjoy stories about animals or psychic powers.

School Library Journal

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