A Hugh Dunnit Mystery: Taking Shelter

Illustrator: Lee Cosgrove

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Andersen Press

Book 1 of Hugh Dunnit Series

Age 7+

Humorous Stories Crime & Mystery Fiction Animal Stories Comic Strip Fiction / Graphic Novels

A hilarious detective mystery following a schoolboy sniffing out clues to prove his canine pal's innocence, packed with comic-book art spreads throughout.

Hugh Dunnit may be a schoolboy, but that doesn't stop him from cracking the toughest cases. Like the case of the shredded maths homework. Sure, lesser minds might collar Hugh's new dog, Shelter. But Hugh knows there's more to sniff out. Working through the suspects, Hugh digs up a bigger mystery: just where does Shelter come from?

A brilliantly funny detective story with comic-book art throughout.


Guy Bass is an award-winning author who has written more than 30 books, including the series Stitch Head, Spynosaurs, and Skeleton Keys. He lives in London with his wife.

Lee Cosgrove is from near the River Mersey, UK. A lifelong doodler, he is inspired by a childhood of Saturday morning cartoons, den-building adventures, and an endless supply of crayons.

Working as a full-time illustrator for many years, Lee has enjoyed working on a wide range of projects, from illustrating picture books, to board games and billboards. He loves to bring humour and lots of character to his illustrations. When he hasn’t got a pencil in hand he can be found fossil hunting, feeding hedgehogs or doing flying kicks.


perfect for less confident readers or for those who fancy a bite-size snack to sate their appetite for reading. It is also great fun to read aloud with a parent…who will chuckle at the jokes just as much as the children will!

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With witty one-liners and daft puns… this fabulously funny tale is ideal for newly confident, independent readers… hilarious black-and-white illustrations combine with dynamic comic-strip artwork, to provide an amusing visual narrative to accompany the humorous text


A wonderfully wacky crime caper with vibrant comic book art, the first Hugh Dunnit mystery finds our diminutive detective unravelling the case of exactly where his new dog has come from

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A great graphic novel for newly confident readers age 7-9, superb illustrations and laugh out loud humour. We feel that we must share our favourite line in the book (and possibly ever)… ‘sneak up on you like a soundproof ninja in soft socks’ – what more could you ask for


A comedy crime caper which satirises the genre through absurd similes that read like film noir

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