Illustrator: Thomas Taylor

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Walker Books

Book 2 of An Eerie-on-Sea Mystery Series

Age 9+

Adventure Stories Fantasy & Magical Realism Humorous Stories

There's a storm raging in Eerie-on-Sea. Has the mighty Gargantis come back from the deep...?

When an ancient bottle is found washed up on the beach after a ferocious electrical storm, all the residents of Eerie-on-Sea seem to want it ... but should they in fact fear it? Legend has it that the bottle contains an extraordinary secret that spells doom for the whole of Eerie-on-Sea. Could it be true that the vast sea creature Gargantis has awoken from her slumbers, and is causing the large cracks that are appearing all across the town? Finding themselves entrusted with the bottle, Herbie and Violet discover they will need to ride the terrible storm and pacify the creature if they want to save Eerie-on-Sea from sliding into the ocean and being lost for ever.


Thomas Taylor is an award-winning author-illustrator for children. He illustrated the cover for the very first Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and has since gone on to write and illustrate several picture books and young novels; most recently he illustrated Scarlett Hart: Monster Hunter, written by Marcus Sedgwick. This is his second title in the Legends of Eerie-on-Sea sequence; the first, Malamander, was published to huge acclaim in 2019. He lives on the south coast of England and can be found on Facebook and Twitter: @ThomasHTaylor


4 stars. Gargantis was just as atmospheric and brilliant as Malamander… I especially love the world building the author has created. I swear I can see the town of Eerie-on-Sea and smell the ocean from here.

Book Book Owl

The writing was simple, profound and beautiful. Gargantis is perfect for children AND grown-ups with a childish heart – just like me!.5 out of 5 stars for this adventurous novel.

samama reads

This is a book you won’t be able to or want to put down! Written cleverly, it is great for all ages with characters you can’t help but love.

Bookish Intoxication

I loved this… It was [a] delight to return to Herbert and Violet at Eerie-on-sea. These are aimed at middle grade readers, but they are filled with amazing characters and content that YA and adult readers will enjoy!

Bookish Intoxication

Gargantis was such a treat to read. At 351 pages, I couldn’t help but wonder initially if this would be too long, but the author has such a talent for pacing and humour that those 351 pages flew right by. Gargantis is a fast-paced, action packed adventure that will grab young readers and keep them engrossed until they very end.

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