Sometimes all you need is your imagination…

It’s a rainy day, and Anna and Kiki are stuck indoors, wondering what to play next. Suddenly, Kiki has an idea for a new game. “All you have to do,” she explains, “is think up a Think-Up and it will appear!” And she thinks up … BUNNIES! Then they conjure up the most marvellous, magnificent MOOSE! And octopi! And nine HUNGRY koalas! Hmm … is it possible to UN-think a Think-Up? With half-cut pages that make for funny surprises at every turn, this is a fresh celebration of imaginary play for the youngest of children.


Claire Alexander is a picture book author and illustrator with a number of picture books to her name, including her author-illustrated book Monkey and the Little One, and Humperdink and The Snow Bear, both written by Sean Taylor. In 2007, Claire began teaching courses and masterclasses on how to create a picture book, which she continues to run at the House of Illustration. Find Claire online at, and on Twitter as @PicBookCourse.


This is a story that will appeal to both little ones and their parents because it offers a game they can play on the next rainy day. While they might not have such dramatic results, nevertheless, it would be fun imagining what might happen of your home was invaded by wandering wombats or a little can’t-catch-me lion. Half-cut pages that make for funny surprises at every turn build up anticipation and allow for predicting what might happen when the think-up comes true, enabling the child’s imagination to roam free. Different, engaging and offers a unique opportunity for the child to create an extra page or two. A case of dreaming with your eyes open…

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