I love building castles in the sand. So I built a sand castle. But not just any castle...

One day at the beach, a little girl builds a sand castle. A real castle with domes and turrets and a crocodile moat. And a sea view. Pretty soon, the royal visitors arrive. Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses all descend on the palace to admire the sandy architecture and partake in the grand party in the Ballroom. But in the morning, the troubles begin. "There's sand in my almond strudel!" "There is sand in my suit of armour!" "There's sand in my bath!" In fact, there's sand everywhere. Is there any way to appease the royal guests? And what will happen when the tide inevitably comes in...


Einat Tsarfati is an Israeli illustrator who graduated from the Visual Communication department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. She has illustrated many books for Israeli publishers, and also runs an illustration blog on Facebook called Things That Annoy Me. Einat lives in Tel Aviv. Find her online at cargocollective.com/einat and on Instagram as @einattsarfati.


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