A new fast-paced Lightning Strikes story full of action and adventure!

Daks and his mates are camping. Just four mates, no parents, alone with nature. But then they find a hidden camp. Someone else is on the mountain. Is it the legendary Jungle Jim? Or someone much more sinister?


Trudie grew up on a farm in South Australia. She moved to Far North Queensland to enjoy the tropical weather. After nearly twenty years of working with numbers in various financial jobs, she switched to working with words. She has published several titles including I’ve Lost My Kisses (Scholastic, 2007) which has been published internationally. Camp Crazy is her second title with Walker Books Australia, and is the sequel to Camp Croc.


There are always plenty of laughs along the way in the Lightning Strikes series and Camp Crazy is no exception. Following on from where Camp Croc left off, Camp Crazypushes the edge of believable just a little bit further. There’s plenty of boy humour to keep you smiling as you read, with just enough Dak’s Facts. Read it. You know you want to.

Kids' Book Review

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