Chicagoland Detective Agency 3: Night of the Living Dogs

Illustrator: Tyler Page

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Graphic Universe - Lerner Publishing Group

Age 9+

Graphic Novels Comic Strip Fiction / Graphic Novels

Continual requests from librarians for mysteries., cast reflects the diversity of the Chicago area.

The word is out that Megan, Raf, and Rafs talking dog Bradley are the team to go to when even weirder things than usual start happening in Chicagoland. This time the Chicagoland Detective Agency takes danger in hand (and paw) to track down a mysteriously missing puppy and an even more mysterious pack of dogs that only show up once a month. Bradley can tell from the start: it's more than a simple case of stray pets ... and much more than a stray case of fullmoon transmogrification! It's going to take one part folklore, two parts high-tech, and big dose of Megan-style haiku-ing to save their friend's little brother from bad influences and the world's worst case of doggy breath.


Trina Robbins established herself during the underground com ix movement of the 1960s, and in the 1970s published the first all-woman comic book, It Ain't Me, Babe Comix, and the anthology Wimmen's Comix. She was a penciller on Wonder Woman in the 1980s, created the series Go Girl! with artist Anne Timmons for Image Comics, has written numerous nonfiction books for children and adults, and designed Vampirella's costume. She lives in San Franscico with her partner, comics artist Steve Leialoha.

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