What exactly happens in your brain while you sleep? A whole lot!

A whole lot! When Malu goes to sleep, Hippo and Campus not only sort out all the new impressions that Malu has collected during the day, but they even help her find her lost teddy bear! This makes Malu very happy when she wakes up.

In a playful and easily understandable style, Anna Russelmann explains why it is so important for children to get enough sleep. The illustrations in watercolor and chalk capture the dreamy atmosphere of the night.


Anna Russelmann was born in Westphalia, Germany. After passing her final exam, she went first to Paris as an au pair and then to Münster for practical training in a restaurant. She studied visual communications at the Fachhochschule in Münster, her main subject being illustration, and graduated in 1993. Since then she has written and illustrated various picture books and has worked both as a painter and as a graphic artist. She has published several very successful nonfiction books for children. Anna Russelmann lives in Nuremberg, Germany.

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