What The Rat Told Me

A Legend of the Chinese Zodiac

Illustrator: Catherine Louis

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: NorthSouth Books

Age 4+

Picture Books

A wonderful introduction for young readers to the Chinese zodiac adapted from a Chinese Buddhist legend dating from the Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD).

Illustrated by the critically acclaimed team of author, illustrator, and calligrapher that created THE LEGEND OF THE CHINESE DRAGON.

One day, the Great Emperor of Heaven invited all the animals to visit him on the Jade Mountain. Twelve animals came, and they became the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac. What really happened on that day so long ago? The rat, who was there, knows the true story.


Marie Sellier loves to talk about art to children, but what she loves best is to write children's books that bring art to life for them.

In her life and in her work, China has had an enormous influence on Catherine Louis. Although she lives in Switzerland, a small piece of her heart has moved far away to the land of the dragon. Louis is also the author and illustrator of Liu and the Bird, published by NorthSouth Books.

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