June Crebbin

June grew up in a village in Leicestershire. From an early age, she wrote poems and stories in red notebooks that she bought at the post office. She recited poems to her father, who typed them out in black ink, and her name beneath in red ink. Reading was a passion: her own books, her brother’s and the Victorian novels she found in the attic. Her favourite book was “The Thirteenth Orphan” by Christine Chandler. June trained as a primary school teacher at Dudley Training College, in the West Midlands. In 1990, she took early retirement in order to concentrate full-time on writing. She enjoys writing poetry, stories and picture book texts. June lives in Leicestershire in a Victorian villa with her husband, and has two grown-up sons and two grandsons. June has written over forty books that have been published in the UK and abroad. Her first drafts are always written with pencil and lots of sheets of paper. In winter she writes wrapped up in a blanket in the east wing of her house. In summer she prefers to be outside under an ancient apple tree, in the company of her rabbit, Smudge.