An uplifting and thought-provoking tale about elephant conservation.

When they came, the herd scattered in fright, their trumpeting calls shattering the morning. Seree and her mother were cornered.

Life in the jungle was good for young Seree and her mother until the day poachers come. Separated from her mother and the life she knows, Seree is taken to work in a circus. Forced to perform every day and spend each night in chains, Seree longs to be with the herd and reunited with her mother. Will she ever be free?

A poignant story by an active elephant conservationist that puts the spotlight on animal welfare.



An important environmental resource to show readers the importance of protecting endangered elephants.

Funday Telegraph

A richly evocative picture book that tells the heartrending tale of a baby Asian elephant named Seree. A final page with information on the plight of Asian elephants completes this stunningly beautiful book with its important message.

Canberra Times

Author Irma Gold shares a thought-provoking story about elephant conservation.

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