Will Nelly and her friends be able to rescue Pa from the bushrangers and retrieve the gold?

Christmastown, 1859. Everyone on the goldfields wants to get rich. But when Nelly and her pa, Paddy, finally strike gold, bushrangers are ready to pounce. Will Nelly and her gang be able to rescue Paddy from their evil clutches?


Stephen Axelsen was born in Sydney, Australia. He grew a lot of hair and went to university where he drew cartoons on folder dividers and earned a degree in Social Sciences. After university he fell into books and publishing more or less by accident. His first book was published in 1975 and he has worked in children’s book publishing ever since. He lives with his wife Jennifer, Waldo the dog, and Pippi the budgie. He used to have babies but they grew into great big people and went away. Stephen mostly writes and illustrates humour because he is a moderately funny person, in a serious sort of way.


Stephen Axelsen’s illustrations are irresistible. His comic strip tale for emerging readers (and older comic strip enthusiasts) provides story details without needing many words, just as any quality comic strip should. Axelsen’s clever use of visual details leads to a fast-moving frolic through the 1860s Australian Gold fields and beyond.

it is a story of our past and of the importance of mateship and courage and persistence. There is much to love in this book!

Megan Daley

This is a wonderful introduction into graphic novels.

My Little Bookcase

This highly entertaining graphic novel will easily draw in readers.


a funny, engrossing adventure story with a multicultural flavour


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