A is for ANZAC and Aussie Rules… The Aussie A to Z is funny, nostalgic and contemporary. It’s now, it’s then, it’s the past, it’s the future. An homage to the icons of Australia, from its popular culture to its natural landscape. The pages are beautifully illustrated and there is a glossary of Australian words at the end of the book.


Heath McKenzie is a much-loved and highly successful Melbourne-based children’s book illustrator whose work ranges from early childhood picture books to YA novel covers. The funniest illustrator not on the stand-up circuit, and much in demand for his school appearances, Heath learnt the alphabet a little while ago and can still remember it all to this day!


This gorgeous alphabet book has as much to offer adults and older children as it does the prereaders it is apparently aimed at. With a page devoted to each letter of the alphabet, the text for each is minimal, highlighting just one or two things that begin with the specified letter (D is for Dingo, for example). The illustrations, however, feature a bevy of things beginning with the letter, many more readily identifiable by adults than children. John Farnham features on the W page – as Whispering Jack, of course, Daddy Cool on the aforementioned D page and the Seekers on the S page. A back of book guide identifies the various objects and people shown in each illustration…This is a fun offering for any young Aussie.

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